Here Are Five Terrific NFL Teaser Strategy Suggestions to Help You Win Bets 

When you win more NFL bets, you could feel like you’re on top of the world. (Photo by Bronte Foter, licensed under CC BY-SA.) Teasers are a popular way to wager on NFL football, but the majority of bettors do not take full advantage of this form of wager. 

This post will explain the NFL teaser method as well as provide five ideas to help you win more football bets. Teasers, for those who are unfamiliar with them, allow you to alter the point spread or total in your favor (standard football teasers mean moving the NFL lines 6 points). 

If you parlay at least two games on your football teaser ticket and win all of them, you will earn bonus points. To cash in on those extra points, you must win all of the games you parlay. 

Teasers in the NFL allow you to move the lines

On the NFL lines posted at for the first week of the 2014 season, the Cowboys were rated as +4.5 point favorites to defeat the 49ers. The Broncos were -7 point underdogs against the Colts. You could play a 6-point teaser to boost the Cowboys to +10.5 and the Broncos to -1 if you loved the Cowboys and Broncos but were nervous about having to make NFL spread picks. The Cowboys would be +10.5, while the Broncos would be -1. 

NFL Teaser Betting Regulations and Payouts 

If you win both ends of a 2-game NFL teaser and cash in your bet, you will normally receive the same return as you would on your standard NFL spread choices. To cash on your bet, you must win both ends of the teaser. 

If you bet on an NFL teaser that spans more than two games, you must win each of those games. The number of games you pick to tease, the number of points you tease by, and the sportsbook you use will all influence your payoff. 

Teaser Strategy for the Nfl: 5 Key Points 

1. The cross keys’ numbers 

Those two games in the preceding image are solid examples of NFL lines to tease because they both feature a high degree of betting action. Why? When NFL lines shift 6 points in your favor, the ideal plan is to distribute that movement across as many NFL crucial numbers as possible. 

If you bet on the Cowboys with a point spread of +10.5, you will still win even if Dallas loses by 6, 7, or 10 points, all of which are common losing margins in the NFL. 

The Denver Broncos are in a similar situation. If you can get them down to a -1 spread, you will still profit even if the Broncos win by 3, 4, or 6 points. When the game is tied late in the fourth quarter and the Broncos need only a field goal to win by three points, having that extra insurance can come in handy. 

2. Get the best odds possible

However, whether teasing NFL games or lines for any other sport, it is still critical to look around for lines. Various sportsbooks provide different payouts on football teasers. Teasers in football involving two teams and six points are available at Pinnacle, with odds of -110. 

Sports Interaction is generally not a book you want to use for betting football teasers because their 2-team, 6-point teasers pay at odds of -120. (1.83 in decimal odds is the same as -120 in American odds). 

3. Obtain as many lines as feasible

Furthermore, not every sportsbook will offer the same teaser NFL lines to bet on. Pinnacle, for example, will occasionally rate a team as a 9-point favorite with plus juice (+110) linked to the bet. 

It is essentially the same price as -7.5 -110, but by displaying the team as a 9-point favorite, they ensure that a 6-point teaser can only tease the team down to a 3-point favorite. This is because they consider the team to be favored. 

This is a huge advancement because your football teasers will no longer cross the important quantity three. It is to your best advantage to place your football teaser wagers with a separate sportsbook, one that has the club rated as a 7.5-point favorite. 

4. Make wise decisions 

Sportsbooks provide football teasers of 6.5 points, 7 points, and even up to 14 points as an additional betting option on NFL lines. 

Higher football teasers are generally not a good option because of the increased number of games that you will need to win and the lower return on your stake. 

A few years back, an article on did an excellent job of explaining NFL teasers. The post provided a graph that showed how your chances of winning improved with each half-point buy. 

Choose a few teams you like, bet on them in 6-point teasers, and make sure your gamble touches as many critical numbers as possible. This is the best way to play NFL teasers. 

When there isn’t much of a difference between the two teams, it doesn’t make sense to tantalize NFL lines from a 14-point favorite to an 8-point favorite. However, as the game approaches, it makes perfect sense to reduce them from a seven-point favorite to a one-point favorite. 

5. Football teasers are not offered by Proline or any of the other regional sports lotteries 

Teasers in football betting may be a terrific way to benefit from your football predictions if played correctly and used to your advantage. 

Remember that Proline, Mise-O-Jeu, Sport Select, and PlayNow do not provide football teasers or anything else to help you profit on NFL lines. Unless the bettor wants to pay the money to fly to Nevada, bets on NFL teasers may only be placed with internet sportsbooks.