Here Are Some Things to Consider Before Getting Your First Tattoo 

Getting your first tattoo can be a significant life decision. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done when it comes to planning and finally booking it. As a result, I’m writing this helpful guide of things to consider when getting your first tattoo. I hope it will be of some help to you. 

Some of my friends my age have been getting tattoos for years, while others are getting them in their mid-thirties. I’m of an age where both groups are represented equally among my friends. When compared to teenagers getting their first tattoo at the age of eighteen, I can understand why some people may feel more anxious when considering getting a tattoo in their thirties. 

If you enjoy making plans and it took you fifteen years to work up the courage to get a tattoo, then this guide will help you prepare for an enjoyable experience. 

Choose a location where tattoos are done 

You must visit a tattoo studio that is appropriate for your needs. Have they been highly recommended by a friend? Is their reputation stellar, and are you willing to travel for the opportunity? Have you been following them on Instagram and have a strong intuition that this is the community for you? 

You want to be at ease when someone comes at you with a needle, so don’t rush into deciding who will tattoo you. It’s critical to take your time with this decision. Because you will most likely want to visit the studio and discuss your tattoo before booking an appointment, you should bring a friend with you to ensure that it has a positive vibe. 

You can be confident that you will be well taken care of no matter where you go to get your tattoo because tattooists are both artists and professionals. This means you should narrow it down by looking at previous work by your tattoo artist and ensuring that it is consistent with the style that you want for your tattoo. 

Consider both the design and the size of the tattoo 

If you’re at a loss for what to do, the best option is to go with something low-key and unobtrusive. If you’ve never had a tattoo before, getting a full-color piece on your back takes guts, especially if it’s your first. Furthermore, you may not be as brave as you believe, and the sight of the needle may make you feel terrified. You might laugh, but such things do happen! 

My advice is to make a Pinterest board with examples of the various types of designs that appeal to you. It would also be beneficial to follow a few tattoo artists on Instagram and favorite any inspiration you find there. When getting their first tattoo, many people opt for a simple line drawing on their wrist, foot, or thigh. It’s unusual to develop a passion for body art and decide to get a lot more tattoos after getting your first one. 

Is it going to be a matching tattoo to the other one? 

Getting tattoos that match those of a significant other is a fun and adorable way to forever cement your bond with that person. Sisters, partners, and best friends are common examples of relationships that result in matching tattoo exchanges. This indicates that there is always the possibility that you and that person will grow apart, leaving you with a tattoo that you may not have wanted in the first place (and that reminds you of them every day). 

If this is your first tattoo, you should think about it carefully before getting a matching one. Do you have the drive to obtain it that you should? Are you certain you want a tattoo? Do you like the layout, or did they come up with it themselves? The second piece of advice I’d give is to avoid using first names or initials because if you lose contact with that person, you’ll have to justify who you are for the rest of your life (or until you get a cover up coverup cover-up). 

Before getting a tattoo, make sure you’re happy with the design of your matching tattoo and that you’re certain you want one. 

Learn about postoperative care 

It is critical that you take proper care of a new tattoo. This improves the way your skin heals and the appearance of your tattoo in the long run. If you are aware of what is required after you get your tattoo, it will be easier for you to schedule your tattoo appointment at a time when you will be able to give it the aftercare it requires. 

Getting a tattoo the day before going on a beach vacation in Spain, where you will most likely spend most of your time in the water and risk getting sunburned, is not a good idea. Taking care of your tattoo not only expedites the healing process, but also ensures that it will remain clean and vibrant for many years to come.