Is It Worthwhile to Place an Additional Bet When Playing Super Times Pay, Ultimate X, or Hot Roll Video Poker? 

You can play video poker in a variety of formats in today’s casinos, including not just the classics like Jacks or Better and Double Double Bonus Poker, but also a myriad of new games and varieties. 

You can spice up your gaming experience by playing games like Super Times Pay or Ultimate X, which allow you to multiply your earnings. Hot Roll does the multiplication using a simulated roll of the dice. In addition, certain winning Wheel Poker hands receive an additional spin. 

Video poker is a game that can be played in a variety of ways

These features are placed on top of the game’s standard gameplay. You can play Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild, and other easy games, with the modes, commonly being Triple Play, Five Play, or Ten Play. After that, the bonuses are added. Without a question, there is a cost involved. Because the bonus payments must be made, an additional stake is required for each hand to activate the features. 

Is it wise to place that extra wager? 

Sure, the house has a distinct edge. International Game Technology has created these features to provide a payback that is at least similar to that of ordinary games, and sometimes significantly greater. 

When bonuses are incorporated, the total volatility increases. When you’re successful with the multipliers, the credit meter may move swiftly. However, if your bonus wins aren’t pouring in, the extra wagers can deplete your account. 

You have a better chance of winning, but you also have a better risk of losing faster than in games without such frills

The main thing is to keep your bankroll at a comfortable level for you. If your bankroll can handle 15 quarters at a time for Triple Play but not 30 quarters for Triple Play with Ultimate X, you can consider lowering your denomination to dimes or nickels or switching to a machine without a bonus feature. Let’s take a look at several instances, such as Super Times Pay, Ultimate X, and Hot Roll, to see how everything works. 

Super Times Pay only requires a one-credit investment, as opposed to the rest of the later games, which require a five-credit bet per hand. This brings your total to six credits every hand, and because the Triple Play variant demands an 18-credit bet, the Five Play and Ten Play variants each require a 30-credit bet. 

You will receive a multiplier whose value is selected by chance in exchange for the additional stake. When the cards are first given out or drawn, one of the card backs will begin cycling through a sequence of numbers, eventually coming to rest on a multiplier. Depending on which number appears, it will indicate that any winnings from the hand will be doubled by two, three, four, five, eight, or 10 times. 

Super Times Pay is a video poker game that allows players to win additional bonuses! 

You will receive a multiplier once every 15 hands-on on average, but you could go dozens of hands without earning one, or you could receive one twice in a row or numerous times in a short period. 

On average, the multiplier is 4.05 times. The feature raises the average payback by 20.33 percent when compared to the circumstance where the function is not present. Because your wager is now 20% higher than usual, the 20.33 percent increase in payback contributes to an increase in your overall return. 

How much better is the return than it would be in a game without multipliers? Michael Shackelford’s chart on the website demonstrates that 9-6 Jacks or Better, which ordinarily has a return of 99.5 percent with expert play, rises to 99.8 with Super Times Pay. Furthermore, the return for the 9-6 Double Double Bonus increases from 98.98 percent to 99.26 percent, while the return for the 9-7-6 Double Bonus increases from 99.11 percent to 99.38 percent. 

When Super Times Pay is used, the payback percentages for each game and pay table are slightly higher than without it. 

Because the return on the multiplier bet is slightly higher than the return on the basic game, raising your wager on the Ultimate X will result in more use of the money that is returned to you. 

Video poker Ultimate X 

Winning hands in Ultimate X video poker with the maximum wager result in bonus multipliers being awarded. More on the subject later. To begin, let’s go over the game’s regulations. 

Because multipliers appear far more frequently in this game than in Super Times Pay, the bet is upped to five extra credits instead of one extra credit. In the poker game 9-6 Jacks or Better, for example, skilled play results in a victory on slightly more than 45 percent of hands played. In contrast to the 6.67 percent of hands that deliver multipliers in the Super Times Pay game, these are the only hands that leave multipliers for the next play. 

Ultimate X gives players access to a wide range of basic games, such as Jacks or Better, Double Poker, Deuces Wild, and many more. This game is available in Triple Play, Five Play, and Ten Play variations. 

The multipliers vary according to the game, the number of hands, and the overall number of hands. Full houses are multiplied differently than high pairs, Jacks or Better has a different multiplier table than Double Double Bonus Poker, and Ten Play is occasionally multiplied differently than Triple Play. Full houses, like high pairs, have a distinct multiplier. 

Payable for Ultimate X 

A pay table known as Ultimate X is used in the video poker game 6/5 Jacks or Better. 

Let’s look at the 9-6 Double Double Bonus in Five Play as an example. The multiplier for the next hand is two times if you have a royal flush, straight flush, or four aces, twos, threes, or fours, but three times if you have four fives through kings. 12x the bet after a full house, 10x the bet after a flush, 8x the stake after a straight, 4x the bet after three of a kind, 3x the bet after two pairs, and 2x the bet after a pair of Jacks or better. 

Assume you end a hand with no winner in the first hand, a high pair in the second hand, three of a kind in the third hand, no winner in the fourth hand, and a full house in the fifth hand. 

The following hand would begin with a large “2x” next to the second hand, “4x” next to the third hand, and “12x” next to the fifth hand. There would be no multipliers associated with the first and fourth hands. 

Any winners in the first and fourth positions in the following hand would earn their standard rewards, while any winners in the other three positions would have their payouts tripled. Even if you only have two Jacks, the 12x multiplier in position 4 allows you to gain an amazing 60 credits instead of the regular five. 

The potential of losing hands approaching multipliers is built into the game. When a hand with no multiplier determines the winner, while the 12x spot provides nothing, you’ll undoubtedly groan in disgust. 

There are ten hands of Ultimate X video poker played

Additional bonuses might add up to huge winnings when playing Ultimate X video poker. 

The total payback percentages rise by close to one percent when playing the Ultimate X game, according to data given by Michael Shackelford on When playing the 9-6 edition of the game, the normal 98.98 percent return on a game of Double Double Bonus Poker with expert play climbs to 99.73 on Ultimate X Triple Play, 99.79 on Ultimate X Five Play, and 99.87 on Ultimate X Ten Play. 

The top pay tables are not available on other games since Ultimate X may put them dangerously close to a payback rate of 100% or higher, which would make the casino nervous. Ultimate X offers the greatest odds on the Jacks or Better version, known as 8-6. This game has a 98.88 percent average payout percentage. When utilizing Ultimate X, your success rate on Triple Play is 99.30%, 99.40% on Five Play, and 99.42% on Ten Play. 

When playing Ultimate X at the expert level, you may need to make changes to your game plan to increase your chances of winning huge multipliers on the next hand that is eligible for extra payouts. 

When you have a complete house with three aces in Ultimate X 9-6 Double Double Bonus Poker, for example, holding on to a full house is the ideal choice. In the ordinary game, holding the Aces and discarding the other pair is the best percentage play. This increases players’ chances of getting four Aces regardless of whether or not they have the low card kicker. The regular game comes close to deciding this, but the Ultimate X version doesn’t even come close. The 12x multiplier granted following a full house simplifies the decision considerably. 

If you are dealt two pairs, one of which is Ace-Ace, the standard strategy for the Double Double Bonus is to hold only the Aces. You must hold both pairings when playing Ultimate X. If your hands don’t improve, the 3x multiplier after two pairs is better than the 2x multiplication after a high pair, and if you hold both pairs, a one-card draw might provide a full house and that 12x multiplier. If your hand does not improve, the 3x multiplier after two pairs defeats the 2x multiplier after a high pair. 

Following that, there are other exceptions to consider. In terms of the total value, a four-to-a-flush with three high cards ranks higher than a pair of Jacks, Queens, or Kings on the Ultimate X strategy table. If your partial flush is reinforced by high pair pay and multiplier possibilities, the potential of a 10x multiplier on the flush is greater than the guaranteed 2x multiplier on the high pairs.’s Ultimate X website contains links to thorough techniques for a variety of Ultimate X games. By playing this game, you can activate a randomly occurring roll of two dice for an additional five credits per hand. Because of the increased wager, the maximum amount of coins you can stake on Triple Play is 30, 100 on Five Play, and 150 on Ten Play. 

On average, you should anticipate seeing a roll of the dice on-screen every six hands. The total number of spots determines your multiplier for the hand; for example, if you roll two sixes, any wins are multiplied by 12. 

It is possible to roll the dice on consecutive hands, and it is also possible to go a dozen or more hands without rolling, but on average, you will roll once every six hands. 

The game’s outcomes are random, and the odds are the same as if you rolled two actual dice. A multiplier of seven is considered the usual. 

The average payout for all hands, including those that won and lost, as well as those that had and did not have Hot Rolls, is double. 

We can use any winning hand for this illustration, but let’s go big and use royal flushes. A minimum payout of 4,000 coins can be expected. If you got six royals, your total win would be 24,000 coins if there were no multipliers. 

When playing Hot Roll, the normal outcome would be five outcomes with no multiplier, for a total of 20,000 coins, and one result with a 7x multiplier, for an additional 28,000 coins. This brings your total for six royals to 48,000 coins, which is exactly double what it would be without the Hot Rolls. To play this game, you do not need to change your video poker strategy in any way. 

Because the amount you wager is double the usual amount and the amount you win on average is likewise double the standard amount, the payback percentage is the same whether you use the Hot Roll function or not. The return rate for a game of 9-6 Jacks or Better with the expert. This is also true for other games and their pay tables. The payoff percentages stay the same whether Hot Roll is played or not. The difference is in the magnitude and volatility of the stake.